Over 3's Learn to Swim Programme

We have a dedicated team of instructors who are eager to help your child learn to swim. The learning pathway provides a child centred approach, which allows all of our instructors the ability to develop each child as an individual. Some children take to swimming like a duck to water (pardon the pun), others need a lot more guidance, nurturing and encouragement.

We often get asked 'how long will it take my child to learn to swim'. The simple answer to that is, 'we don't know'. Some children motor through the levels, moving from beginner to intermediate and then advanced in a matter of months. Others, take a lot longer to move from beginner to intermediate swimmer. What we can say, that i regardless of ability; beginner or advanced swimmer, we will endeavour to create a learning environment that works for every child, which will allow them to progress at a pace that is right for them. 

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced?


Our beginners classes are small, offering the perfect environment for children to learn the fundamentals of swimming. Here we teach basic water confidence, starting with blowing bubbles, kicking legs on front and back, alternate arm action on tummy, correct body position in the water, jumping in and basic safety skills. We provide all of the swimming aids needed and will slowly start to reduce these aids as their confidence grows. Once Children are swimming on their front and back with minimal aids, are able to put their face in the water and can blow bubbles, they are ready to move up to our intermediate classes.


Now that children have built their confidence, they are ready to start developing their swimming skills and taking steps towards independent swimming. Our intermediate classes are a lot more structured, concentrating on the continuation of the learning pathway. These classes will re-enforce proper body positioning in the water; further developing breath control in the water - blowing bubbles in the water while their face is down and breathing in when lifting their face out of the water. It will develop a childs leg kick - ensuring that they are kicking with the straight legs needed for swimming on both front and back and further facilitiating independent swimming, as well as introducing the concept of progressing from 'doggy paddle' on their front and back floating, to the more familiar frontcrawl and backstroke where they are swimming with their arms out of the water on both their fronts and backs. 


Now that children have developed a familiar frontcrawl and backstroke, we can further develop these strokes as well as introducing new ones. Breastroke and Butterfly will be introduced as well as diving (where pool depth allows), tumble turns, distance swimming, basic life saving and speed and endurance. For those who wish to continue their swimming progression, we have developed an hour 'squad' session, where further stroke development, speed, endurance and life saving can be hoaned.

If you are unsure of which category your child fits into, please contact us where we can discuss this more in depth with you.