Parent and Baby FAQ's

Do babies need to have had their immunisations before coming swimming?

At Baby Splash, we are happy to accept babies who have not yet been immunised. We do, however, advise all parents who are planning to take their babies swimming for the first time to discuss it with their healthcare practitioners.


The following is an extract taken from the NHS Choices website:

“You can take your baby swimming at any age, both before and after they have been vaccinated. It doesn’t matter if they haven’t completed their course of vaccinations yet.

The management of some leisure facilities may suggest that babies shouldn’t go swimming until they have had all of their jabs. However, this advice probably dates back to when polio was common and people were concerned it could spread in busy places like public swimming pools. There hasn’t been a case of polio reported in the UK for over 10 years.

The Department of Health recommends that you can take your baby swimming from a very young age. There is no need to wait until they have been vaccinated.”

How long after feeding can I take my baby swimming?

Babies should wait at least one hour after feeding before coming swimming.

What if my baby is unwell?

If your baby is unwell, it is not advisable that you take them swimming, they will not have an enjoyable experience and there is the possibility that they may infect other participants or even make their own condition worse. If your baby has suffered a tummy upset, please wait at least 2 days after the first solid movement before coming swimming.

What will my baby need to wear?

We ask that all babies adopt the Happy Nappy system. This is a system that offers double protection from accidents entering the water. a swim nappy is worn under a neoprene pair of tight shorts know as a Happy Nappy. These can be purchased direct from Splash Central. From time to time, babies may get cold in the water, we have baby wetsuits on hand that babies can wear if needed. If you would like to buy your own baby wetsuit, please feel free to do so.

Will my baby cry when they go swimming for the first time?

In short, the answer to this question is, we don’t know! Every baby is different, some love it, some are not amused and some seem completely non-plussed! What we do know from experience is that with gentle coaxing and enthusiastic encouragement, they will soon adapt. The techniques adopted in Baby Splash centre around loving focussed encouragement without pressure on either baby or parent. If your baby cries during its lessons, it’s important to remember that each baby is different, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your baby doesn’t enjoy the water, if they are comforted, they may well look forward to the experience next time.

Can 2 parents bring our baby to the classes?

Of course, in fact, we actively encourage it wherever possible. Giving both parents the opportunity to attend the classes ensures that both parties are equally as comfortable in the water with their babies – enabling them to enjoy swimming together as a family recreationally as well as during our classes.

How many babies are in each class?

We accept a maximum of 10 babies per class, this ensures that all participants get the attention that they deserve and are able to tailor practices to the needs of each individual.

Will my baby have to submerge?

Nobody HAS to do anything. We believe that it is important that both parent and baby are comfortable and relaxed in the water, if either party do not want to participate in any aspect of Baby Splash classes this is absolutley fine. We pride ourselves on the ability to adapt all of our practices to the individual. Submersion is a key part of baby swimming, which will be done at a relaxed and enjoyable rate; this will be different for every child. We do not want either parent or baby to feel pressurised into any aspect of Baby Swimming, children who don’t seem interested in going under will not be forced, they will do it in their own time!

How do I pay for my Baby Splash course?

Payment can either be made in cash at your fist session (or 7 days before your first session if you are re-booking), or by bank transfer before your first session. Please remember to use your individual identification number when making internet payment. Bank details are:

Sort Code: 090128

Account number: 91404272

Ref: Individual Identification Number which will be provided in your booking confirmation. 

What happens if I am unable to attend one of my sessions?

If you are unable to attend any of your sessions, you are more than welcome to attend a catch up class at any of our other venues/days if space allows. Unfortunately, we are unable to carry forward any missed lessons to your next courses or offer a credit for missed sessions.